Travel to the US

High School Academic Year

In partnership with its local partner in the US, Idmaj offers a life changing experience for high school students in Morocco. Our partner is a leading hosting organization that has a long history in receiving international students in the States for decades. Students will have full support from Idmaj members regarding all the components of their program including their J1 visa applications to the US.  Also, Idmaj works closely with its students from the start of the planning of their trip until their return to their home country. Moreover, participants will have the chance to spend a school year abroad as an exchange student, study in a public school in the US and live with an American host family. It is a beautiful opportunity for high school students in Morocco to travel so as to learn more about the US and its people as well as to share their own culture.  Students in this program will be in direct contact with our local coordinator who is in charge of their stay, safety and comfort while in the US.

Work and Travel Program

Idmaj provides an amazing work experience for Moroccan university students in the USA.  Participants will have the chance to live and work in America for a period of 4 months where they will learn more about the US culture, history, and society. In addition, students will practice their English with native speakers, meet new people and make lifelong friendships.  This program is a wonderful option for Moroccan students to gain international work experience during their summer vacation and learn new skills.  Furthermore, the Idmaj team in collaboration with its partner in the US is committed to offer the best work experience for its participants including all their travel details such as program preparation, orientation, visa papers and follow up in the USA.