Virtual Programming

Virtual Internships

Gain an international work experience from home

Interns will complete their internship from their own laptop. Idmaj does offer various internship placements in different fields around Morocco. The internship programs include orientation sessions, internship placements, and follow up sessions. Participants will have frequent online meetings with their supervisors to get all the support needed from our team for a successful virtual internship. Also, Idmaj uses different platforms such as Zoom and others to maintain its work.

Available Virtual Internship Programs

Make a difference and teach English, French or Spanish to Moroccan students coming from different social backgrounds

Social Welfare

Give your time and conduct games and fun activities for Moroccan children. Show your affection and care to the ones who need it.


Learn about Morocco’s rich heritage and develop marketing materials for tour agencies even in times of crisis (Pandemic).

Social Entrepreneurship

Work with social enterprises in Morocco and help develop their websites, social media platforms and learn how social enterprises function in this country.


Manage social media platforms to promote the work of several youth organizations in Morocco.  Learn more about the challenges youth face in our country.

Women’s Empowerment

Support Women’s NGOs in Morocco and translate/proofread documents in English and see how women’s organizations work in Morocco.

Online Language Classes

Idmaj offers online language classes on Standard Arabic, Moroccan Dialect, French and English to non native speakers virtually.  Our teachers have a long experience in delivering remote language classes and they use various methods and platforms for successful online language courses.

Virtual High School Exchange Programs

Idmaj in collaboration with its international partners organizes different virtual high school exchange programs on different themes.  Idmaj has delivered lectures, experiential sessions, language classes and group discussions virtually for Moroccan and International students.  Idmaj enables both Moroccan and International students to gather online in order to learn from each other , exchange ideas and share traditions.

Should you need more information about our programs and our fees, please feel free to reach out to us.
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